The Kitchen’s Meal Plan: Food Blogger Edition

I took a break from posting my meal plans because one week I was planning to leave for Texas, one week I was in Texas, and the week after all of that tomfoolery, our dinners were rather lackluster due to exhaustion and my newly acquired bum foot.

This week, I decided to take a different approach. I spend a lot of time reading cook books, food blogs, food magazines, and non-stop talking about food. I’m so deeply interested in new cooking techniques, ideas and recipes that I can’t help but pour myself into almost anything food related.

It is because of so many of the blogs that I read that I am constantly inspired to never become complacent with my cooking. When I was released into this blogging world, I didn’t know what I was doing (still don’t), how to find my voice, or all the technicalities of posting (again, still don’t). I  don’t know jack about  SEO, or XYZPDQ – but I share my kitchen adventures because it is something I love – and if you’re not sharing love, what are you doing?

Slowly I’ve been welcomed into this community of bloggers and I can not thank them enough for their support and warmth. So this week – I’m not only sharing my love for food, but also my love for 7 food bloggers that I read by using a recipe from each of them for an entire week, rather than falling back on my own cache.

I’m terribly excited.

If any of the recipes/blogs I reference do not want to be associated with this post, please let me know.

*Quick and dirty pictures will be added as the week progresses.*

Saturday: Mother’s Sweet and Sour Meat Balls from Ethan of Tastes Better With Friends, Egg Noodles, and Green Beans w/Panchetta – Handsome, insightful AND a good cook? High fives all around!

Sunday: Prime Rib Roast with Fresh Horseradish from Elizabeth of Guilty Kitchen, Mashed Potatoes and a salad – I simply adore Elizabeth’s take on local and seasonal food. I always crave to be at her table.

Monday: Indian-Spiced Mushroom and Lentils from Megan of Stetted. I  love that Megan is an active participant in a CSA and buying from local farmer’s markets.

Tuesday: My Pickle Chicken with Grilled Potatoes with Lemon Aioli from Smith Bites who got the recipe from Carrie of Delicously Organic. – I can’t wait to try these potatoes and also meet Debra in July (I am nervous). Aioli cures all.

Wednesday: Sweet Potato Soup with Crisp Prosciutto from Jen at My Kitchen Addiction. She has some amazing things on her site and I think she’s friggin’ adorable.

Thursday: Slow-Cooker Vietnamese Chick Pho Ga Noodle Soup from Jaden of Steamy Kitchen. I just adore Jaden and her approach to food. Everything is clean, colorful and full of love.

Friday: Lemon Risotto with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes from Brian at A Thought for Food, who adapted his recipe from Bon Appetit magazine for the site RSVP Redux which was created by the always fabulous Vino Luci.

Links, links, links, galore!

This is going to be one of the best food weeks ever.


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7 thoughts on “The Kitchen’s Meal Plan: Food Blogger Edition

  1. I think this is a great idea and I’m proud to be a part of it! I’m glad the meatballs turned out so well, they looked exactly as they should. Look forward to your next challenges.
    p.s. thanks for the compliment, i’ll take handsome, insightful and a good cook any day!
    p.p.s I have no idea what XYZPDQ is either ;)

  2. Wow! Can I move in with you? Meatballs and prime rib in one weekend? Sounds divine. I’m semi-on strike.

    I made lasagna Friday and I’ve made them eat it every day since. Whoops, did I just admit that? Yeah I did. They need to do some dishes damn it.

  3. You sure can move in – as long as you don’t mind sleeping on a couch. A small itchy couch.

    And believe me, we NEVER eat like this on a weekly basis. The blog posts make me do it. Tell them boys to scrubba scrubba.

  4. I always try to be creative, most often they are annoyed with it. They would be blissfully content eating boxed macaroni and pancakes every day of the week.

    I usually go on strike and stop cooking to prove a point. Honestly they LOVE eating peanut butter sandwiches and hot dogs, so sometimes I wonder if they intentionally piss me off so they can eat junk food.

  5. What a great idea to plan a week of meals from other food bloggers. I often (try) to make a meal plan for the week so we can save money at the grocery store…I might try your idea. I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

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