Skittles Vodka

Ever have “one of those days?” Mine seem to happen whenever one that ends in ‘y’ rolls around.

Like the day I got a flat tire, and the mechanic charged me twice and put my bank account in the negative. Only, I didn’t find out until the next morning when I woke up to a dead battery  in the same car and couldn’t pay for the replacement.

Sadly, days like this are the norm around me. I don’t have luck and would gladly wear a rabbits foot in my hair or a four leaf clover in my pocket if it meant I’d catch a break in my personal storm of chaos.

I don’t make lemonade out of lemons. I squirt them in people’s eyes and then I make Skittles Vodka. You should too.

Shall We?

  • 7 1/2 cups of your favorite vodka
  • 5 bags (2.17 oz) of original Skittles (Don’t you DARE try to tell me that’s equal to one of those big bags. I don’t’ want to know…la la la la)
  • 5 Mason jars with lids

Start by separating each color of Skittle into it’s own jar. You could have your kids help if you’re a crappy parent. I’m not a fan of segregation, but it’s important here.  Sorry. You’ll notice there’s less grape than anything else. I’m convinced it’s because grape is the most vile thing on the planet, but really!

Skittles Vodka Before

Cover each jar with 1 1/2 cups of vodka. Put a seal and lid on each jar. Give it a few shakes. Ooooh and Aaaah at the shades of rainbow. Dream of tasting the rainbow.

Allow to sit for 1-3 days. Shake whenever you feel like it to dissolve the sugar.When ready, most of the Skittles will be dissolved, and you’ll see a thick scum on the top of the jars. You may see some chunks on the bottom of the jar and that’s okay too. That’s part of the sugars and ‘other ingredients’. We’re going to get rid of all that, so don’t worry about it.

When ready to use or chill, strain each jar through cheesecloth or an old t-shirt to get the funk out. I strain them into a bowl and pour the contents right back in the Mason jars. They store great in the fridge-a-mer-ator.

What you’re left with is pure joy. Mix it up and play with mixers and juices.

Especially the red. It’s my favorite and always the first I drown my sorrows in. I like it straight.

Red is really good mixed with Club Soda.

Yellow/Green/Orange is great with a lemon-lime soda.

Purple…well, I’m not a fan. So, um, maybe some grape soda? Or throw it at the most handsome man in your house and scream “Ew, drink it or something. Ugh!”

Any way you shake it, Skittle Vodka is glorious. It got me through part of this past winters’ blizzard and I’ll love it forever.

Make it.

You’ll be happy. And drunk. But most important, happy and seeing double.

Double rainbow – all the way –


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20 thoughts on “Skittles Vodka

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  2. This possibly THE ABSOLUTE coolest thing ever…seriously EVER! I love vodka, probably more than I should publicly admit but this reminds me of the rainbow cakes I’ve seen here and there only it probably lasts much longer. So cute!

  3. Well, I don’t USUALLY like vodka, but damn, that looks good! Might have to stray from Captain’s for a change and try this… hmmm….

  4. SO copying this, thank you so much for sharing. We always end up being the social house, so always on the look out
    for something fun to unveil at the girls parties :)
    In fact , should work on an Evite right now!

  5. Finding you through Scary Mommy and I am all over this! It has everything I love, vodka? check! candy? check! satisfying my anal retentiveness by sorting stuff? triple check! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Oh, my gosh! I may have to forgo my trip to GYmboree this week to go out and buy vodka, Skittles and Mason Jars! This is AWESOME!

  7. YUM! I LOVE Vodka, probably more than I should but who the hell cares. I stumbled upon your blog from Scary Mother’s and I’m glad I did. This sounds delicious! We enteratin often and I can’t wait to try this out at our next party.

  8. Thanks to everyone who’s left some love on here. Vodka makes the world go ’round so we might as well make it pretty.

    If anyone tries it, let me know how it goes!

  9. I have never put ANYTHING in my vodka except olives… lame, huh? I am totally going to try this!! Thank you soo much!!

  10. Currently making this now for my bachelorette party on Saturday. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Thanks for the idea! :)

  11. Speaking from experience, this may look cool, but beware…There is a LOT of sugar in skittle vodka. Drinking large quantities will cause MASSIVE hang overs.

  12. OMGOSH! I just saw your link over at ScaryMommy and had to check out your recipe… oh my! Those colors and I can just imagine the flavors…. FABULOUS!
    Thanks for sharing!

    ps Love your writing style. Very entertaining :)

  13. Such a clever idea. I just had to give it a go. Mind you, I do not like vodka, the smell makes me sick, but it looks so pretty. I thought it would make a great gift for a martini drinking friend. I used jolly ranchers and found that if one does not like vodka they should not do this at 10:00 in the morning.

  14. going to do this this weekend….but we are going to try sour skittles because those are my hubby’s favorite…..

  15. This works great. We do it every Paddy’s day because you are not supposed to drink in the streets. No-one looks at a bottle of this stuff and thinks its alcohol.

    Funny drunken stories by clicking my name

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