Muffin Tin Omelettes

Note: I’m going to take a step back from a recipe for second. This is most definitely a ‘method’, and boy is it a fun one! I’m sure most of you normal people have a 12 muffin tin, but I somehow acquired a 6 holed tin. This worked perfectly to make two eggs per person in our 3 person home, but if you have a bigger family and luckily a bigger muffin tin…it works out just the same! These are absolutely adorable, plus they are muss and fuss free, and easy for the weekends, whether it’s for family or brunch with your nearest and dearest.

Also: Feel free to sub egg whites or an egg substitute!

The great thing about this method, is you can add whatever you’d like to each omelette; switching cheeses, veggies, breakfast meats, potatoes, etc. Everyone always wants something different!

Spray down your muffin tin with cooking spray, or coat with butter. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Beat as many eggs equal to the amount of omlettes you’ll be making. Season to taste with salt and pepper, and a splash of milk if you’re into that sort of thing.

Fill your tins with your fillings of choice. If you’re going to use any meats or vegetables, cook them separately before adding them to your tin, flavoring with salt and pepper to taste. Otherwise you’ll have raw meat and uncooked veggies, and no one wants that!

Pour enough egg mixture into each tin, so that it’s just below the fill line. The eggs WILL puff up, so we want to give them room to grow. Cook for 15 – 25 minutes until those bad boys are no longer wet and jiggly and cooked thoroughly. Once done, take a spoon, and go around the rim of each muffin omelette; it should spoon right out and you can plop that baby right on your plate.

Serve with the rest of your breakfast favorites and enjoy!

Look how freakin’ cute they are!

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One thought on “Muffin Tin Omelettes

  1. I made these the other morning for my husband! Not only were they delicious, they were really easy. Thanks Adryon for the great recipe!

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